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Ninja Monkey Design Studio

We believe it's always the simple that produces the marvelous and that a great online presence, begins with your brand's story.

We are small, but don't let that fool you, we like it that way. We will choose quality over quantity every time. It's what makes us able to serve you towards your best interest so that your online presence contributes not only to the health and professionalism of your brand, but also your bottom line.



We bring creativity and digital marketing experience to the table but since we are small, we also bring agility and speed. It is this nimble-light-footedness (like a ninja monkey) that enables us to consistently exceed clients expectations and deadlines time and again. We are continually galvanized and growing in the furnace of life, and it is this heat that gives us the fiery passion in our work. 


Fun and games are a lot of fun, when you're playing games. But while we try to help you reach your goals ... check the games at the door.


Moving forward and getting to the top doesn't come easily, there is a reason there aren't many people standing at the top. We love challenges and coming up with creative solutions to problems.

Battle Scars

We have made lots of mistakes, everyone has. But we strive to make sure we learn and grow from them in order to move forward.


We believe that winning is awesome, but not at any cost. We believe that how we treat people in the process is just as good a metric as any other of measuring success.


The ability to move quickly is paramount to success. The tortoise wins when the hare gets tired, but what about the hare that doesn't quit? See ya tortoise.


Originality can't be sold out of a box. True creativity can only come from inspiration and the freedom to dream and think unhindered. 

Working with technology is cool,  

but working with humans is even cooler.

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